Haroon Zuberi

Web Development | Digital Marketing | AWS

URL: https://postyhire.web.app

Technologies: Angular / Firebase / Firebase Storage

Welcome to our innovative job matching platform! Here, we’re all about making it easy for employers and candidates to connect and succeed. Our website is like a one-stop-shop where you can post job openings, share resumes, and manage subscriptions – all in a simple and convenient space. Employers, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the right fit for your team. Our user-friendly interface makes posting job opportunities a breeze. You can create detailed job listings that show off not just the responsibilities, but also your company’s values and culture. Our subscription plans are designed to suit different needs, whether you’re a startup looking for fresh talent or a bigger company with multiple positions to fill. With our subscriptions, you can post a certain number of jobs, helping you build your team as your business grows. If you’re a candidate, get ready to discover your dream job with just a few clicks. Upload your resume and let your skills shine. We give you the tools to create a profile that highlights your experience and talents. As you browse through job listings, you’ll find opportunities that match your skills and what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your first step into the professional world or you’re ready for a new chapter in your career – our platform opens up exciting possibilities. Behind the scenes, our dedicated admin team is here to make things run smoothly for both employers and candidates. Managing subscriptions is a breeze – employers can easily keep track of their job posting limits and choose the subscription that works best for them. This means your job listings are always accessible, helping you connect with the talent that can drive your company forward. Get ready for a whole new level of efficient and effective hiring. Employers, our subscription plans are your ticket to attracting top-notch talent. Candidates, you’re just a click away from opportunities that align with your goals. Welcome to a platform where great hiring meets excellence – the future of recruitment is here!

https://postyhire.web.app ( Angular / Firebase / Firebase Storage )

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