Quick Overview

I am M. Haroon Zuberi. A Full Stack Web Developer and Still developed around 100+ websites in my career till now and Now ready to do some more deep work in the field of web development.

I am a software Engineer and put my step into development since I was in High School and learnt different technologies in my learning era like I have developed many web and desktop applications in Java, .net and many different web oriented languages and finally I found PHP as my best practice of all and since then I am working in it from last 4 years and now with the solid hands-on experience of more than 4 years in the field development. I have developed around 100+ websites, designed many Html, CSS and Bootstrap themes and templates, done a lot of work in web scraping and automate a lot of tasks that took much time if they manually tried and all my experience made me able to start Freelancing and built my own team and now I am much motivated to provide my current and Future Clients with the next Level of Quality.

Web Design 73%
Web Development 89%
Laravel 77%
PHP 82%
WordPress 71%
JavaScript and JQuery 86%

My Team

Haroon Zuberi(me)

Full Stack Web Developer | PHP Expert | Java Script Expert | WordPress Pro

Feroze Saeed

Mobile Application Developer | IONIC Developer | Angular JS Expert

Ayesha Tabassum

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Video Editor | Video Animator 


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