Haroon Zuberi

Web Development | Digital Marketing | AWS

Soluber.com (AI Content Generator / Laravel / React / ChatGPT / OpenAI Whisper / Azure synthesis)

URL: Soluber.com Technologies: Laravel / React / ChatGPT / OpenAI Whisper / Azure Transcribe / Azure synthesis Soluber is an AI Content generation tool that have very amazing features such as Content Generation, AI Kit, Writing Correction, AI Chat with Voiceover

Tenim de Tot Mobile App ( Ionic / Angular / Laravel)

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cat.tdt.app Technologies: Ionic / Angular / Laravel Welcome to our versatile mobile app – a dynamic solution designed to streamline product management and store administration with ease. With a strong focus on simplicity and control, our app puts the power of efficient categorization and seamless store management right at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in […]

Tenim De ToT Web ( Angular / Laravel / PHP )

URL: https://tenimdetot.cat/ Technologies: Angular / Laravel / PHP Step into our dynamic online platform, where products seamlessly slot into intuitive categories and users curate their virtual stores with autonomy. Our website is a game-changer, reshaping the way products are categorized, presented, and overseen, resulting in a fluid experience for both buyers and sellers. For users, […]

Vidvan Academy ( Angular / Twilio / Django / GCP )

URL: https://vidvan-prototype.uc.r.appspot.com/ Technologies: Angular / Twilio / Django / GCP Step into our groundbreaking online platform, where education takes on a vibrant new form through seamless virtual classrooms. Designed to cater to educators and learners alike, our website empowers teachers to craft and organize dynamic virtual classrooms, while granting students an immersive and interactive learning […]

Australian Food Exchange – AFX ( Angular / Firebase / Stripe Connect )

Technologies: Angular / Firebase / Stripe Connect URL: https://australian-food-exchange.web.app/auth/ Step into our innovative online marketplace, where the world of commerce comes to life with limitless opportunities. Our platform creates a seamless connection between sellers and buyers, forming a vibrant ecosystem where products meet their ideal matches and transactions occur with unmatched ease. For sellers, this […]

https://postyhire.web.app ( Angular / Firebase / Firebase Storage )

URL: https://postyhire.web.app Technologies: Angular / Firebase / Firebase Storage Welcome to our innovative job matching platform! Here, we’re all about making it easy for employers and candidates to connect and succeed. Our website is like a one-stop-shop where you can post job openings, share resumes, and manage subscriptions – all in a simple and convenient […]

Pikyme.com Real Estate Web ERP ( Laravel / Vue.js / Firebase )

URL: https://pikyme.com Step into our visionary online platform, where the quest for the perfect living space takes on a whole new dimension. Our website redefines the process, empowering landlords to seamlessly list their available properties, while providing potential roommates with a platform to explore, connect, and interact effortlessly. Focused on convenience and connectivity, our platform […]

ABC Portal ( Angular / Laravel / Bootstrap / PHP )

Technologies: Angular / Laravel / Bootstrap / PHP Step into our groundbreaking online platform, where businesses and individuals come together to navigate evaluation and certification processes with unmatched simplicity. Our website empowers companies to create comprehensive evaluation and certification forms, while allowing users to effortlessly complete, submit, and engage in processes that promote growth and […]

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