Haroon Zuberi

Web Development | Digital Marketing | AWS

Technologies: Angular / Firebase / Stripe Connect

URL: https://australian-food-exchange.web.app/auth/

Step into our innovative online marketplace, where the world of commerce comes to life with limitless opportunities. Our platform creates a seamless connection between sellers and buyers, forming a vibrant ecosystem where products meet their ideal matches and transactions occur with unmatched ease. For sellers, this is the ultimate hub to present your products to a global audience. Whether you’re a well-established brand or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, our user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly showcase your offerings, complete with detailed descriptions and captivating visuals. What truly sets us apart is our distinctive bidding feature – granting buyers the opportunity to place alluring bids, igniting a sense of healthy competition and maximizing the value of your products. Buyers, brace yourself for a shopping experience like no other. Our platform equips you with an extensive range of products at your fingertips, each accompanied by comprehensive information and competitive pricing. But that’s not the whole story – our innovative bidding system allows you to bid on products that catch your eye, unlocking exhilarating possibilities and potential savings. Once a seller accepts your bid or order, our efficient admin team takes charge. With the support of Grab, we ensure smooth order fulfillment, coordinating secure and punctual delivery right to your doorstep. This fusion of cutting-edge technology and effective logistics guarantees a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Australian Food Exchange – AFX ( Angular / Firebase / Stripe Connect )

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